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Q. Is a pass required?

A. Yes. All visitors to Doe Mountain must sign a User Agreement, which contains an Acknowledgment of Risk and Waiver of Liability. Please read the Sample User Agreement in advance as it lists the rules that apply to Doe Mountain, including safety requirements. Make sure you have the proper equipment and understand the rules before you arrive. All Users must have the original copy of the User Agreement with them at all times when on Doe Mountain.

Q. What is the cost for a pass?

All Fees Per User
ATV Annual $60 Day $18
Bicycling Annual $35 Day $5
Equestrian Annual $35 Day $5
Hiker Annual $25 Day $3
Non Paying user Annual $0 Day $0

Q. Where may I buy a pass?

A. You may purchase all passes at:

Mountain City Cycle (Annual Passes)
341 S Shady St
Mountain City, TN 37683
Phone: (423) 727-8475
Business Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:00am to 5:00pm, Wednesday 8:00am to 12:00pm, and Saturday 8:00am to 2:00pm
East Tennessee ATV (Annual and Day Passes)
106 Clay Little RD.
Elizabethton, TN 36743
Phone: (423) 542-6109
Business Hours: Monday - CLOSED, Tuesday - Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday 9:00am to 3:00pm, Sunday - CLOSED
Starting November 9, 2013, you may also purchase passes on weekends at:
Doe Mountain Visitor Center
1203 Harbin Hill Road
Mountain City, TN 37683

Q. What is the User Agreement, Acknowledgement of Risk, and Waiver of Liability?

A. All persons on Doe Mountain Recreation Authority property must sign the DMRA User Agreement, Acknowledgement of Risk, and Waiver of Liability. The original copy is your “pass” and must be in your possession at all times on Doe Mountain. This document contains significant DMRA rules with which all visitors must comply.

Q. I am interesting in more than one activity, for example OHV and hiking. Do I have to buy a pass for each activity?

A. No, you should purchase the pass for the most expensive use you want to engage in. In the above example, you would purchase the annual pass for OHV use. You may then also hike, bike, or ride a horse on Doe Mountain for the term of your pass.

Q. I do not yet have a pass; may I enter Doe Mountain and ride/hike and subsequently purchase a pass?

A. No. All persons entering the Doe Mountain Recreation Area must have a valid User Agreement, Acknowledgement of Risk, and Waiver of Liability in their possession at all times. This document is your “pass” to the property. Please plan ahead and obtain your pass in advance. We plan to sell passes at the Doe Mountain Visitor Center, but volunteer staffing will likely be limited to weekend core hours.

Q. May I purchase a pass on line?

A. We still hope to offer this eventually. We will keep you informed through this website.

Q. Will you accept credit cards or checks?

A. Although we expect to add a credit card option in the future, for now only cash will be accepted at the Johnson County Mayor's office and at the Harbin Hill Visitor Center. We would really appreciate exact change.

Please contact the other vendors with respect to their payment policies.


Q. Where can I get on Doe Mountain?

A. Currently the only authorized entry point for OHV use is at the Doe Mountain Visitor Center at Harbin Hill Road.

Non-motorized users may also enter at the Visitor Center. Other limited access points for non-motorized users are marked on the trail maps; however, users must have a valid trail pass in their possession before using any entrances/trails.

Q. How will I know what trails I may use?

A. We have approximately 30-35 total miles of trails open. Some trails are limited to non-motorized uses or to hiking only. Please review the DMRA map to see which trails are opened for specific uses.

Q. What are the trails like?

A. Doe Mountain is crisscrossed by miles of roads and trails built for the mining and logging activities that once took place on the mountain. Trail No. 1, the major trail crossing the mountain, has a graded mostly gravel surface. The majority of other trails are hard-packed dirt surfaces.

Q. Will trails be open in the winter?

A. Absent extreme weather conditions, Doe Mountain will be open during the winter. Come prepared and enjoy the mountain on snowshoes or cross-country skiis.


Q. What are your hours?

A. 8:00 a.m. to dusk. All visitors must be off the mountain by dusk.

Q. What facilities do you have at Doe Mountain?

A. The Doe Mountain Visitor Center on Harbin Hill Road is the primary entry point to the mountain at this time. Visitors may purchase daily or annual passes at the Visitor Center on weekends.

Q. Do you have restrooms?

A. A porta-john is available at the Doe Mountain Visitor Center. The Visitor Center does not have public restrooms. We have plans to build public restrooms at the Visitor Center within the next two years.

Q. Do you have a snack bar?

A. Not at this time.

Q. Can I fill up on gas at Doe Mountain?

A. No; please fill up before you arrive.

Q. May I visit the Kettlefoot Fire Tower?

A. Several trails lead to the Fire Tower, which at 3889 feet, is the highest point on Doe Mountain. The Fire Tower needs considerable rehabilitation to make it safe for visitors, so unfortunately we have had to close it for the time being. Anyone who proceeds to climb the tower does so at his own risk. We are especially concerned that small children not be allowed to climb the fire tower ladders. Donations earmarked for Fire Tower rehabilitation may be made at the Doe Mountain Visitor Center.

Q. May I rock climb or go caving?

A. We are not able to accommodate these activities at this time. A Master Plan for Doe Mountain is currently being developed. If you have particular interests, please provide them to the Master Planning Firm through their FACEBOOK page or their survey. We hope to provide as many recreational opportunities as possible.

Q. Is there a place to fish on Doe Mountain?

A. No; however, many trout-filled streams flow at the foot of the mountain in Doe Valley and Roan Valley. In addition, the western end of Doe Mountain is just minutes from Watauga Lake, which offers many fishing opportunities. A fishing license is required.

Q. Is Doe Mountain open to hunting?

A. Not at this time. The Doe Mountain Board of Directors fully supports opening Doe Mountain to hunting. The Board has formed a committee to develop a proposed policy for hunting and shooting sports. Because of liability issues, however, we are not able to open Doe Mountain to hunting this season. We invite you to provide the Master Planning firm with expressions of interest in hunting and shooting sports.


Q. Do you have a list of motels or other accommodations in the area?

A. Johnson County is home to several Bed and Breakfast accommodations, rental cabins, and motel rooms. We recommend you check out the Johnson County Chamber of Commerce Website for accommodations.

Q. Where can we eat when we come to Doe Mountain?

A. The area has a diverse range of restaurants, including those offering authentic Mexican, Italian, and Thai cuisine, bar-be-que and pizza. Of course, you can find some good old-fashioned mountain cooking as well as several fast food chains and even fine dining. We recommend you check out the Johnson County Chamber of Commerce Website for restaurants.

Q. What else is there to do in the area?

A. 26% of Johnson County is National Forest, offering numerous hiking, fishing, and hunting opportunities. We recommend you check out the Johnson County Chamber of Commerce Website for other things to do in Johnson County.

Doe Mountain is within an hour of the Virginia Creeper Trail, several access points to the Appalachian Trail, Watagua Lake, and the ski and golfing resorts of Western North Carolina.


Q. I don’t like to wear a helmet; must I?

A. All OHV riders and passengers must wear an approved helmet. Such use will help ensure that Doe Mountain is a safe and fun experience for all visitors.

Helmets are also required for mountain bikers and recommended for horseback riders.

Q. I would like to be a Trail Ambassador or provide other volunteer assistance to support Doe Mountain. Who do I contact?

A. Wonderful; we really need plenty of volunteers in order for Doe Mountain to be a success. Please fill out our volunteer form and someone will get in touch with you.

Q. May I drive my OHV into Mountain City?

A. Not at this time. The only approved OHV entrance to Doe Mountain is on Harbin Hill Road off State Highway 67. OHVs are not authorized on Highway 67. We are hoping to establish other entrances to Doe Mountain in the future, one of which might allow direct access to Mountain City businesses and services.

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